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Hydrochem Italia considers as main management aspects of its business to be responsible for environmental protection, the safety and prevention of major accidents and the compliance with the quality requirements of its services and products: in addition to these aspects, one of the strategic tools for achieving its corporate goal is the energy consumption and management.

Altair promotes among its employees and those who work on its behalf a sense of responsibility towards the environment, understood as awareness of the “damages” or “benefits” in environmental terms that can derive from the work processes and the products made.

Download the complete Policy document on the prevention of major accidents, safety, the environment, quality, food, animal feed and energy.

Download the complete Quality Policy Document.


The ISO stands for “International Organization for Standardization”. ISO 9001, in particular, is the standard reference for those who want to subject their production process to quality control in a cyclical way, starting from the customers’ definition of the requirements, expressed and not, and going as far as monitoring the entire productive process. (*)

It certifies our goal to improve quality and to meet customer needs by creating a Quality Management System.

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